Our Services
Drain cleaning

East Elmhurst Emergency Plumbing and Heating Services provide all aspects of drain maintenance and repair, both emergency and scheduled. We clean, clear, service, maintain, trace, survey, repair, test, report and replace any type of pipe!

Why choose East Elmhurst Emergency Plumbing and Heating?

• 35 years experience in the drainage industry

• High quality crew on stand-by 24 / 7

• Dedicated call centre staff

• Full reporting provided

Emergency Response

East Elmhurst Emergency Plumbing and Heating has a fleet of specialist vans for high pressure water jetting and blockage clearance. Our Emergency Response Service means that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All blockage clearances have a fixed price and a 4 hour response time.

Scheduled Project Works

All project works have a dedicated Project Manager and are overseen by the Operations Manager. We will ensure that a detailed site investigation will precede any works undertaken in order to give you a fair and accurate quote, as well as address any health and safety issues.